Antique 1800's Old Mine Cut Miner Cut Diamond in 18k Recycled Gold Ring- Vintage Victorian Era Diamond- Made to Order Engagement Ring


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PLEASE NOTE: The antique diamond and gold ring shown in the photos is sold. It was made using Stone #7, as shown in the final photo. This listing is for a custom, made to order ring in a similar style. As this ring is completely custom-made by me in my studio, it can be built with a different width of band. It can also be made with a half-round/domed profile band, with any finish. As well, it is available with a bezel setting for the diamond. I can make it in 18k gold of any colour, palladium, or platinum.

This unique engagement ring is built around a one-of-a-kind, antique diamond. This diamond was cut some time between 1830 and 1880. It is what is known as an Old Mine Cut, or Old Miner Cut diamond. My Old Mine Cut diamonds were purchased from one of my select American cut diamond dealers, and are verified by them as being of the Old Mine era, and as not having been recut at any time since their original cutting.

Please be sure to check the provenance of any antique diamond you are purchasing- as antique diamonds become more sought-after, some diamond cutting companies are now replicating this Old Mine Cut, but using modern cutting techniques.


Old Mine Cut diamonds are the precursor to the modern brilliant cut diamond. Unlike today's diamonds, which are mostly cut in a machine/computer-assisted way, each of these antique diamonds was cut by hand. They differ from modern diamonds in that they have a relatively small table and very high crown. They were not round, but were given a softly angular shape. They are quite chunky-looking, and can be irregular in form, compared to modern cut diamonds. Each facet of an Old Mine Cut diamond was cut entirely by hand, meaning that their form has a very unique, organic, and handcrafted appearance.

These stones were cut in order to throw back even the softest candlelight of the era from which they come. Any engagement ring built around one of these gorgeous stones is an absolutely unique piece, as no two Old Mine Cut Diamonds are alike.

In my opinion, this cutting is the very loveliest cut, and is most honest to the diamond's original formation. I feel an Old Mine Cut diamond would please a buyer who dislikes cut diamonds because of their somewhat mechanical and uniform look (a complaint I often hear about cut diamonds from my clientele).


The Old Mine Cut diamond shown in the sold ring has a weight of .15 carats, and is 3.49 mm across. I am unable to capture the fire of this diamond with my camera- it is surprisingly brilliant and shimmery in real life.

I have set the diamond in a handbuilt 18k bezel, with a 14k gold interior layer. The bezel has a high shine lip.

The band is solid 18k yellow gold, and is 2mm wide by 1mm thick. It has a hammered texture, with a brushed overlay.

The bezel on this ring has been formed so that you can wear it stacked flush up against a wedding band. The bezel is flanked by a series of solid 18k gold granulation.

I have a parcel of these gorgeous diamonds- they are shown in the final photos. These diamonds are all transparent, with good clarity. They appear less fiery in the photos due to lighting conditions.

If you would like a quote on another stone built into the ring of your dreams, please contact me through the shop or at treloar [!at] Old Mine Cut diamonds can be found in larger sizes than those shown here. When choosing your diamond, please be sure to reference a metric ruler, to get a proper sense of scale. I have included two photos of the ring on my hand, which is really large- my ring finger is a size 9 (an average man finger size), to give you an idea of scale. Please reference a ruler.


From left to right, the larger diamonds (first diamond picture), measure:

#1 .25 carats, 3.87 mm across SOLD
#2 .35 carats, 4.18 mm SOLD
#3 .35 carats, 4.23 mm
#4 .25 carats, 3.74 mm

The three smaller diamonds, (second diamond picture), from left to right:

#5 .20 carats, 3.72 mm across
#6 .15 carats, 3.36 mm
#7 .15 carats, 3.49 mm SOLD


As I hand-fabricate each ring in my studio, I am able to build these with a wider or narrower band, in another colour (white or rose) of gold or in platinum, and with any texture you prefer on the band and the bezel. The rings can also be built with thicker bands, or bands with a half-round/domed profile. I can also set one or more of these diamonds onto one of my gold twig rings (14k or 18k rose, white, or yellow gold).

If you would like a larger diamond (the larger diamonds in the photos are all within the same size range as the one in the ring), please contact me. I also have three smaller Old Mine Cut diamonds available, one in a fancy yellow colour (final photo).

IMPORTANT: When purchasing from Specimental, please be aware of and in agreement with the Shop Policies- please read them here: This section contains important information about production, shipping, sales taxes, and returns/exchanges. Have questions? Contact me through the shop, or at treloar [!at]

Contact me at treloar [!at] for other questions- I am happy to help.

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Custom and personalized orders

I am always open to hearing your design ideas. Please contact me through the shop, or at to discuss design possibilities.

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If you are unsure of your ring size, the best way to be sized accurately is by visiting two commercial jewelers. Please ensure they size you using their thin sizing tools- not the wide band sizing tools, nor by having you try on rings from their display.

If any questions arise around being properly sized, I am always happy to help- contact me through the shop, or at

Gift wrapping and packaging

I don’t provide a gift wrapping service. Rings and earrings ship in jewelry boxes that are hot foil stamped with the Specimental logo.

If the person for whom you are purchasing the piece shares your address, please be aware of the following: International export law dictates that the detailed contents of packages, and their value, be clearly marked on the outside of the package. This means that if they see the package before you do, they can easily tell what they are being gifted with.

Need secrecy for this delivery? The very best option is to have your package held for you at your closest Fed Ex store- if you are unsure of its location, I'm happy to help.

What about repairs and upkeep of your new jewelry- how does Specimental provide ongoing customer support?

Our hands are busy objects, and any ring worn on a finger can become accidentally damaged. All rings need regular maintenance. Make sure you are buying your raw diamond ring from a jeweler with the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your stone stays put. Ask them about their warranty and their repair/upkeep policy. Look at how frequently they work with raw diamonds, and assess whether they have the technical experience to create a ring that will last your lifetime.
I stand behind each piece of jewellery I make. If something goes wrong with your ring, at any time- you slam your finger in a drawer and crush the band, you break a prong, you smash and crack your stone- you can count on me to support you with the repair.

Recycled Gold

My gold is all recycled- the metal plant I purchase it from has been in business for over 100 years. They smelt their metals to the highest environmental standards, to cause the least impact on the environment. They do not deal with newly mined metals, as these metals cause much greater destruction to the environment.

There is no visible difference between recycled metals and newly-mined metals. There is also no difference as far as the karat of the metals go- 18k recycled gold is exactly the same in constitution as 18k newly mined gold. The vast majority of my clients prefer their metals recycled, as environmental impact is of concern when choosing the perfect piece of jewelry.

Can Specimental reuse my old stones and recycle my gold?

I can use your heirloom stones in a new design. The stones must be pulled from their settings and checked for stability by a professional jeweler prior to shipping them to me. I cannot recycle your gold. I am not set up to smelt gold in the studio, so am not able to melt down your old gold pieces for you.

Rush Orders

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Depending upon my work and family schedule, I am happy to accommodate your rush orders. There is no additional charge for a rush order. However, please do get in touch prior to ordering to discuss your deadline with me.

Can I order a ring with a different stone, wider band, different texture, or in a different colour/karat of gold?

Yes! All of my pieces are completely hand fabricated in the studio by me, from raw materials. I am able to create any of my designs with any stone, in any composition. In short, you can have your ring absolutely any way you like it. Contact me through the shop, or via to get the discussion around your perfect piece of jewelry started.

Why buy your raw diamond ring from Specimental?

A raw diamond is an exceptionally difficult stone to set properly. Their unique shape means that a custom setting needs to be fabricated for each and every stone. The way in which the setting is closed around the diamond must be approached in a very particular fashion.

I began setting these stones into my rings in 2009, when only a small handful of jewelers were working with this type of stone. As the appeal of raw diamonds has exploded, countless numbers of jewelers are now incorporating them into their designs. I have set thousands of raw diamonds into my pieces since then. Please check out my client feedback, as a testament to my workmanship and design skills:

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